Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Folk Art Delights...

My spontaneous Spring Folk Art sale debuted this evening, only via my e-Newsletter, and I want to offer my THANKS to all of you that adopted a collectible original. I know some of you were anxiously awaiting for the sale to start with eyes peeled on the 'ol inbox! Thank you for your perseverance and your patience. I wish I had made more pieces to go around, but I appreciate the interest of so many art-loving friends hoping to acquire a special piece! For those of you that missed this sale, you can peek at my "Spring it On" Newsletter for links to more photos of each piece. Prior to the sale, I snuck a few artsy photos of these blooming delights. So, Enjoy!

Happy Spring,
~ Johanna


* A sweet tulip egg cup blooms from a vintage flower-shaped ice cream bowl! I love mixing my old pottery with my folk art....


* A trio of spring folk art characters nestle together on an old green serving tray. McCoy pottery finds, turned upside down, make the perfect pedestals...


* More pottery, in various shades of blue and green, complement the painted earth and sea hues of this sweet owl egg cup....


* Folk art tulips blush while posing for another photo. A primitive garden trellis adds design interest to the background...


* And, this sweet tulip bust was the perfect topper for a lovely antique Roseville vessel...


* A chocolate brown bunny looks delish on this vintage pink serving dish...


* And a pair of chocolate brown folk art cats take a spring sun bath together......
Purrrrfect :)

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring it On!...

Hi Friends,

It seems that my blog posts are fewer and farther between these days, Although I have had good intentions to post and share here, time has been slipping away. For some reason it seems that the hours are speeding up, and my to-do list often falls short! I hope I am not alone! Lately, I have favored the convenience of snapping a quick photo with my phone while I work and simply posting with a touch of the button to Instagram and or Facebook. So, for those of you that follow me there, these photos will be yesterday's news. I must admit that there's nothing quite like choosing a camera lens, adjusting the lighting and styling a photo. But sometimes I just do not have the time... especially when my fingers are covered in papier mache and paint!

Well, spring has just about sprung, both outside and inside my workshop! And my excuse about time speeding up also extends to my art. I feel like I have been working on this small collection for months, as I have been juggling other projects as well. But, with Easter just around the corner, it's time to wrap it up! While I had hoped to schedule a spring web sale, I have now decided to simplify things a bit by "springing" a spontaneous newsletter which will include links to these items. So, please keep an eye on your inbox during the next few days. I still have to add trims to each piece, and take their individual photos with a real camera. So, don't hold your breath just yet. But, thank you for your patience! And when my newsletter arrives, and if you see something you like, please EMAIL ME with the name of the piece you are interested in. I will be reserving each piece in the order of inquiries received. If you have not joined my Mailing List just yet, you can do so HERE...

For now, I am sharing a sneak peek at my spring original works in their various stages of progress.....

~ Johanna


* A peek from above of my spring originals in the works, all laying on their sides...


* An earlier photo reveals my rather random process of painting these whimsical characters... This is the first time I have added a flower character into the mix! I had fun making a few tulips.....


* Included in this small collection of eight pieces are busts, ball characters and egg cups...


* And, here's a look back at one of my colorful palettes where I continued to mix my colors of spring!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Rhyme Time ~ Make your Offer!

Hoot Hoot!

 I do believe it has been a couple of years since I created and offered one of my collectible Rhyme Time Originals! Unique to my line of one of a kinds, these full-figured characters each balance atop a decorated ball and include a special rhyme that I have written to accompany the piece. "Vowlina Buttonlove" is my first perching owl adorned in vintage buttons, and her corresponding poem details her love for collecting them. Painted in an eye catching motif of vintage turquoise green, ruddy orange, black and cream, she is a collector's delight throughout the year! "Vowlina Buttonlove" is a hand-sculpted and painted folk art curio, standing at 7.5" tall by 8" wide, and certainly unique to the world! I welcome you to study the various images of Vowlina below, read her Rhyme Time poem, and consider placing your Best Offer for this one of a kind, Collector's Series piece!

Thank You!

THANKS to ALL who participated!!!!

Last Updated: March 11, 2014, 1:00pm EST
Winning BEST OFFER: $888
Auction Ends at 1pm EST on March 11th

"With her passion for old treasures-to-beak,
and a will to both hunt and seek,
Vowlina collects buttons by night,
when she furtively takes to flight.
High in the sky she makes a dive,
to collect another row of five.
Then, she totes them back to her nest,
to sort and assemble the rest.
Now, she sits on her ball shaped throne,
where a medley of old buttons are sewn."
~ Johanna Parker

About this Blog Auction: 

If you would like a chance at adopting "Vowlina Buttonlove,"simply 
EMAIL ME with your Best Offer.
So, here's the scoop:

- The Starting Bid is $250
- Bidders will remain private
- My blog will update daily to reflect the highest Best Offer
- Numbers on the wheel will be rounded in increments of 50
- Keep an eye on the wheel by refreshing this page
- Submit best offers once or as many times as you wish during this auction

On Monday, March 10th at 9:30 pm EST, I will email all the participating bidders with a Last Call, announcing the current high offer. Afterwards, bidders will have until mid-day on Tuesday, March 11th to submit any additional offers. I hope to announce the Winning Offer amount here on my blog by 1pm EST on the 11th. So, you have a week's time to submit your best offer/s. Anyone has a chance to participate if he or she chooses, and bidders can keep track of the approximated offers here on my blog. 

How to Bid :
Please study the various photos below to see if you would like to adopt "Vowlina Buttonlove." If she hoots to you, then . . . . . . . 

* EMAIL ME with the amount of your Best Offer ( &
* Title your email: "Best Offer - $ ____ "
* Look for a reply / confirmation email that your offer has been received

As you submit your offer/s, you are welcome to identify yourself or remain anonymous.  Send emails from whatever email address you choose as long as I can reach you in the event you are the winner!  I will be accepting offers until 1pm EST, March 11th. At that time, I will review the offers and post the pending best offer amount. The winner will be notified and will have 24 hours to respond, identify him or herself and start the process of finalizing the sale. The piece will be offered to the bidder of the next best offer, in the event the top bidder does not to respond.

As for emailing me with your offers, please know that I am grateful for your support and any bids of affection. Best of luck!...... Now, let's get started :)

Up for Offers is "Vowlina Buttonlove"... 

* At 7.5" tall by 8" wide, Vowlina Buttonlove spreads her wiry wings and perches on her button-covered ball!...

* She includes a very special collectible signed rhyme that poetically tells her story!

* She wears a sweet painted party hat, decorated in stylized blooms...

* Her round perch is decorated in 3 rows of vintage buttons, totaling a collection of 15 button finds...

* She's painted in a lovely vintage patina turquoise-green hue with undertones of ruddy orange..

* Hand formed wires create both her talon feet and her stylized wings as well as secure each decorative button in place..

* Her ball shaped perch is painted in an alternating scallop pattern, reminiscent of feathers..

* Black and white glass glitter add sugary shimmer and magic to her conical hat...

* She is quite the unique character!

* And she looks good from all angles :)

* She's signed, dated and marked 1/1...

If you would like to place your Best Offer for both "Vowlina Buttonlove" and her Rhyme, please EMAIL ME...

* Thank you for your folk art appreciation! :)

Hoot Hoot,
~ Johanna